Our Sustainable Products


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Our honey is made from bee colonies along the Minnesota/Iowa border tended by Amish beekeepers. The Amish farms where the bees forage have a lot of alfalfa and clover. We have many acres of conservation reserve program (CRP) with native flowers and grasses. This is unprocessed, raw and natural honey.


Eggs are from free-range family farm flocks. Organic, Non-GMO, and Conventional Options available. No animal byproducts in the feed.


The pork is Berkshire pork with no antibiotics, no hormones, no animal byproducts. The hogs are pasture farrowed in season and have a feeding floor with bedding pack and no slats. We sell individual pork cuts and a pork freezer pack and grill pack. We also sell whole hogs.


We can also get sustainable beef. We need at least a ½ beef to order beef.

We use a USDA inspected butcher shop and deliver to South St Paul, MN. We deliver to the Twin Cities.

Get a Whole Hog

Get enough pork to fill your chest freezer and split with your friends. Order a whole hog. Farm families have done this for generations, but for those of you new to whole hogs, here is how it works. Our Amish neighbors bring the hog to a USDA butcher shop. The butcher shop makes what you want (bacon, chops, hams, etc). We bring it up to the Twin Cities for you.

What does a whole hog cost?

We charge $2.75/lb hanging weight, plus processing for a hog. The pigs are typically around 200 to 260 lbs hanging weight. The processing depends on what you would like to order (ground pork is the cheapest, brats, sausage patties, links and smoked items are a little more). Processing fees are around $200 -$250 ish. Typically a whole hog will cost in the range of $800 or so.

How long does it take?

The hogs are taken to the butcher on Wednesdays or Thursdays (depending on the driver availability), so I would need to know by Tuesday if you want one. They take approximately 2 weeks to process, including the smoking, if you want anything smoked.

How much meat is there from a hog?

It is roughly 3 large coolers of meat. You will need approximately 5-6 cu ft of freezer space.

How do I order?

We can walk you through the process. Send an email to oneotafarms@gmail.com or call 612-716-7636.

Thanks for supporting local, sustainable farmers!